An Austrian in Australia

The Finish

After more than 6000 kms cycled in these last 2 months I'm finally in PERTH! Warming up with about 1000 kms in 12 days in Tasmania, I started to ride from Melbourne on the 12th of February! It took me 43 days and more than 5000 kms to finish this epic adventure. It's been amazing 2 months with lovely people, beautiful landscape, a lot of pain, tired legs, a few flat tires, a motivated mind, good truck and car drivers, rain and sunshine, heat and cold, head and tailwinds,... I lost one of the poles of my tent, underwear, socks and a bit of weight. Thank you for all these encouraging words and smiles, water, food, shelter,... to all the people on the road and off the road who made this trip unforgettable. Without you it would not have been the same. Now there is just one thing left to do before I continue my adventure somewhere else: Going to Rottnest Island! KMS CYCLED TOTAL: 6129 .

Day 58

After more then 6000 kms I am finally cycling to Perth TODAY! Beautiful riding along the coast to Rockingham with Will who joined me on my last riding day. After fish and chips (thanks for that Will) I left Will at the train station and set off for my very last few kilometres - a few detours included. And here I am - in Perth. Now in Gooseberry hill with Mary's sister Julie (I spent a day on Mary and Pats farm north of Adelaide a few weeks ago) and Tim having a lovely dinner with their son Jack and Hayley who picked me up in the city center. Cannot believe that this trip has finally come to an end - but there are a few days left in Australia before I continue my adventure in another country - guess where I'm going next?!? Today's route: Mandurah - Rockingham - PERTH. Km cycled: 111.

Day 57

After a morning sightseeing drive around Bunbury with the car, Dan joined me for a morning ride along the estuary - beautiful! After saying goodbye to Dan I tried to fully enjoy my last days and did a bit of sightseeing riding. It's so beautiful on the coast in Western Australia. Later than expected I made it to Will and Jenny's place in Mandurah, my warmshower hosts for this day where I spent a lovely evening with just the perfect amount of wine to prepare for my last day. They have done epic adventures on bicycles and motorbikes - check out their blog: https://wiljensadventures.blog/ 😍 Todays route: Australind - Mandurah. Km cycled: 98.

Day 56

Margarets cycle club is going for a ride every Monday morning and morning tea at one of their members place - it was her turn this week. After Robert prepared breakfast about 30 of the cyclists arrived - more cake and coffee and fruits and nice chats. Around noon it was time to leave - I felt like I've emptied their fridge if thinking about all the food I was eating the last 2 days. I cycled to Australind to Neesha and Dans place - friends of the guys I met in Salmon Gums. Lovely evening with barbecue and cycle stories. Today's route: Busselton - Australind. Km cycled: 72.

Day 55

Another rare thing on this trip - a rest day. Margaret made me stay another day at their house - I just couldn't resist. Felt like a princess in this most comfortable bed and all the food and wine. We went for a walk on the Busselton jetty which is more than one km long and around town, watched a Australian football match on tv and had fish for dinner which Robert caught himself. Todays route: Busselton. Km cycled: 0.

Day 54

One of these days which I could do over and over again (might just go to a different wine tasting every day)! Started the day with a second breakfast on the beach at Prevelly where margaret river meets the ocean - the 10 kms detour was totally worth. Beautiful spot for my first break on this sightseeing cycle day. Went on riding along caves road through beautiful forest and vinyards, wine tastings everywhere - quite tempting, to Yallingup for lunch break on the next beach. After coffee and cake I cycled slowly to Dunsborough and on to my warmshowers hosts Margaret and Bob who live a few kms south of Busselton. And we are off to the pub. Today's route: Margaret River - Prevelly - Yallingup - Dunsbourough - Margaret and Bob's house. Km cycled: 98.

Day 53

Cycling in the rain, a day starting like that can only get better! After 30 kms, 2 coffees and 2 pieces of cake in Augusta the rain stopped and I made a detour to the lighthouse at Cape Leeuwin, the highest lighthouse in mainland Australia and still in use. It is also the point where the Indian ocean meets the Southern ocean - crazy windy out there. Coffee and cake always helps - in the afternoon I made it to Margaret River in the sunshine, which might also have motivated me. Only about 300 kms to Perth left - this somehow scares me! πŸ€” Today's route: Alexandra bridge campground - Augusta - Cape Leeuwin lighthouse - Margaret River. Km cycled: 109.

Day 52

What a rare encounter today. I met two fellow cyclists, Tatyana and John who are living in Singapore. Since I started in Melbourne, I've only met 5 other cyclists. Cycled all day in the forest along beautiful big karri trees which are native to this region. Today's route: Northcliff - Pemberton - Alexandra bridge campground. Km cycled: 139.

Day 51

Up and down, up and down, all the way from Walpole to Shannon Campgrounds where I decided to only make it to Northcliffe today. Makes you really tired if you never really get into a rhythm of pedalling. I found this lovely bushcamp 4 kms outside of town where I'm sitting in front of a campfire now, I just love fire! Mike, the caretaker of the campground prepared avocado on toast for me, the people are so lovely here! Today's route: Walpole - Northcliffe - Sid's campground. Km cycled: 108.

Day 50

Saw my first snake in Australia - a tiger snake, one of the most venomous! All morning I cycled along trails - the Biddumun walking trail (1000kms from Albany to Perth) and the Mundu biddi mountainbike trail along the coast. Amazing views of the ocean and at the same trail two snakes taking a sunbath, unfortunately when I stopped to take a picture of the tiger snake it went off into the bush. In the afternoon I went on the tree top walk, which takes you up 40 m above ground in the forest to watch over the big trees. A day of a lot of detours - liked that a lot! Today's route: Denmark - Walpole. Km cycled: 92.

Day 49

Easy afternoon riding. Took the morning off from cycling and Denis showed me a few sightseeing places around Albany, a history lesson included. We are always focussed on our continent - had no idea about Australia in the 2nd world war. Tailwind all the way to Denmark which was necessary as my body was still tired from yesterday. Met my warmshower hosts at the supermarket and we cycled home together. I'm staying with Allister and Julie and their 2 two sons, Pat and Robert, playing uno and jumping on their huge trampoline. Today's route: Albany - Denmark. Km cycled: 61.

Day 48

I promised to my knees, legs and bum no more long, long days. I broke that promise today. My mind wanted to cycle more and more. No, there is a simple explanation: it was raining when I arrived in Wellstead where I planned to stay and I wasn't up for camping in the rain. I knew 100 kms ahead there was a hot shower and a bed waiting for me at Beth and Denis house (my warmshower hosts who hosted me a day earlier as expected). The last 20 kms I couldn't even sit on my bike anymore, so much pain - no more days with more than 130 kms! Today's route: Jerramungup - Wellstead - Albany. Km cycled: 185.

Day 47

I developed a strange relationship with the green road signs which show the kilometres to the next town. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them, sometimes I don't care. It always depends on my mood. As I'm mostly doing 20 km/h theoretically they appear within the same timeframe - about every 15 min but in my head that's another story. Sometimes these 15 min are soooo long and hard, sometimes so short and easy but I know that's all in my head. Today's route: Ravensthorpe - Jerramungup. Km cycled: 120.

Day 46

I was asked a lot of times if I listen to music while I'm cycling. I am not and I don't even know what I'm thinking all these hours on my bike, might be a bit of recap from the last days, bit of planning ahead, bit of what I'm eating next, bit of everything. Cycling is a kind of meditation for me. Thought some time if the connection between a dog wash and book exchange - ideas welcome! Today's route: Mundlingup - Ravenstorpe. Km cycled: 85

Day 45

When you ride 100 kms and think "That's an easy day", is this the point where you should stop? Or am I already addicted? Not much on the way today except a flat tire. Got some company while changing the tube when a guy I met 2 days ago went by with his car and stopped. Not much going on in Munglinup, taking a rest in my tent. Today's route: Esperance - Munglinup. Km cycled: 115.

Day 44

Exactly what I needed - a day without cycling. But still it's been a day full of adventure. Max, a Dutch guy, offered to take me with him with his car to the beaches and national parks around Esperance. What a beautiful coastline, white sandy beaches with kangaroos, hills, rocks and cliffs to climb,.... Today's route: Around Esperance - Pink lake - Lucky Bay - Frenchmans peak. Km cycled: 0.

Day 43

I'm constantly hungry, I assume I haven't eaten enough these last days, but eating enough might not even be possible if you are cycling every day. Feel that there is no more fat on my body. So as always I accepted the breakfast toasts and coffee I was offered from the Aussies who already shared their dinner yesterday. One of them was born in Austria, in Wels, and could speak some German. And I needed every bit of energy I could get for that ride. A day full of headwind - the last 20 kms before Esperance I had exactly the kind of strong headwind which usually makes me cry. You aren't going anywhere, just pushing and pushing. In the end I got somewhere - to Esperance, to the coast! I'll have a rest day tomorrow! Today's route: Salmon Gums - Esperance. Km cycled: 120.

Day 42

I made it through the Nullarbor! Arrived in Norseman at 10.30 am which means 7.5 days for the 1200 km from Ceduna to Norseman, definitely faster than expected! There is not much out there in this area but I really enjoyed it! It's a beautiful part of Australia and it's totally doable on a push bike! Had a perfect lunch in Norseman - only fruits and vegetables - so good to have some fresh fruits after 7 days! I felt so enthusiastic and happy that I decided to make it further to Salmon Gums today, another 100 kms after the 80 I did in the morning. And the weatherforcast didn't lie - southerly winds which meant headwinds all the way from Norseman to Salmon Gums. But who cares? Life doesn't always have to be easy to be beautiful! The people in the caravan park here are just amazing! They welcomed me with wine, beer and food! Today's route: Ten Mile Rest Area - Norseman - Salmon Gums. Km cycled: 182.

Day 41

After leaving my camp spot I got a coffee and muffin at Balladonia and cycled to Fraser Ranger Station where they had these pet camels. My first shower since 3 days - but no food there. After a long break I moved on and finally accepted the fact that there won't be dinner today. All my supplies I had with me were finally finished. I saved one muesli bar for breakfast tomorrow before I'll do the last 80 kms to Norseman to the next shop. But now I'm in my tent at the campsite not hungry at all. How has that happened? The hospitality of the Australians! I met these 4 lovely people from Queensland who shared their dinner, drinks and stories with me! Thank you so much, I could cycle to Norseman hungry but it is so much more fun full of energy! Today's route: Afghan rock - Balladonia - Fraser Ranger Station - Ten Mile Rest Area. Km cycled: 128.

Day 40

I started the longest straight road tired and not full of energy. My body deserves a few days of break I assume. When the sun got stronger around noon, it got hot and the headwind started I needed some energy push. The lovely people on the road stopping and asking if I needed some cold water did exactly that, they pushed me further. I got cold water, soft drinks, biscuits, coca cola (which I usually don't like but it tasted awesome on the highway). A lady even asked if I had toilet paper with me. The last 30 kms after finishing the longest straight road I had strong headwinds but when i thought about all the people who took such good care of a stranger on a push bike I had to smile. I have more water with me now than I had in the morning. I got a few kms into a dirt road off the highway to this beautiful place called Afghan rock where I set up my tent. I'm sharing this place with a few cows. Today's route: Caiguna Blowhole - Afghan Rock. Km cycled: 179.

Day 39

Perfect conditions today: Cloudy, a few raindrops and almost no wind - nothing more I could wish for. So I cycled and cycled and cycled, I just didn't want to stop. This part of the Eyre Highway is a mass grave of animals, you smell them first before you see them. Luckily I saw a few kangaroos jumping around as well. In Caiguna the longest straight road which is 90 miles long starts, I'll finish that tomorrow. Today's route: Moodini Bluff Rest Area - Madura - Cocklebiddy Roadhouse - Caiguna Roadhouse - Caiguna Blowhole. Km cycled: 193

Day 38

We are slowly getting there - already halfway through the Nullarbor. Left my cycling colleagues early today cause I wanted to make it further. And I did. Crossed the border into Western Australia in the morning - it's a quarantine checkpoint. You aren't allowed to bring any fruits, vegetables, seeds and some other stuff. Just before I arrived at the campsite a guy stopped to give me some cold water - soooo nice. Had some wine with a few retired campervan Aussies and I'm so tired. My knees are hurting every evening but that shouldn't be serious. I just assume the human body is not made for that much cycling. Today's route: Border village - Mundrabilla - Moodini Bluff Rest Area. Km cycled: 174

Day 37

Such amazing riding! Tailwinds almost all day long! This part of the Eyre Highway passes along the coastline with some amazing lookout points of cliffs and the ocean. It's just been a magnificent day - Western Australia here I am! Today's route: Nullarbor Roadhouse - Border Village. Km cycled: 192

Day 36

We pushed it hard today on this hilly road on a windy day. When we were finally done with the 100 kms uphill and downhill, the wind smashed us for the last 30. That would have been a day for crying but the suffering is easier to accept if you are not alone. We are now in the Nullarbor whose name is of latin origin and means treeless. It's been a big day - and another one will follow tomorrow. We plan to make the 185 kms to the WA/SA border village. The highlight of the day was the first Perth sign on the road - we are getting closer. Today's route: Nundroo - Nullarbor Roadhouse. Km cycled: 147

Day 35

I'm part of a bike gang now! It's great to cycle and camp with others after being on the road by myself the last month especially in an area where is basically nothing except a few roadhouses. We made it to Penong in the morning, saw the biggest windmill of Australia, stopped at the last shop for 1000 kms for a coffee and now we are at the Nundroo Roadhouse. Not much here, a few campervans, a shower and us. Today's route: Ceduna - Penong - Nundroo. Km cycled: 156

Day 34

Sleeping in a bed from time to time is such a nice experience. 😍 Shane, the owner of the local pub of Wirulla, is a legend. He took such good care of me, I felt like new born when waking up today in a bed with air condition. Thanks for the dinner and bed and breakfast! I made it to Ceduna, the last town before the Nullarbor! Soooo excited to finally reach the place where everybody is talking about - the NULLARBOR! In town I met Victor and Bas, the two guys from Melbourne I already heard about 3 days ago in Kimba who are heading in the same direction. Finally I found real companions - I exchanged the heatwave with these two brothers. Yes, the heatwave is over, we are back in temperatures of high 20s to low 30s. Today's route: Wirulla - Ceduna. Km cycled: 98

Day 33

Windy, windy night, without me inside my tent would fly away. Another early start - 6.50 am. It's the last day of the heatwave, so I had to "enjoy" it. Three times I was about to cry - then I realized tears are water as well - another way of dehydration 🀣. Even on the last 5 kms the headwind didn't stop. But here I am, in Wirulla at the pub with air condition watching a car race on TV. I already look way better now than on the picture.😁 Today's route: Wudinna - Poochera - Wirulla. Km cycled: 121

Day 32

Not a minute to waist in the morning. Alarm clock at 6am, starting just before 7 when it is bright enough to be safe on the road. Such an easy ride the first 50 kms - a lady I met on the campground yesterday just passed me then and was so surprised I already made it that far by 9am. The last 30 kms the wind and the heat and the road were just against me - headwinds, up and downhill... but I made it to Wudinna by noon. No more riding for today. It's 43 degrees here. Today's route: Kimba - Wudinna. Km cycled: 110

Day 31

After a morning coffee from Greg, I left at 7 just before sunrise and cycled to Kimba. When I arrived at 11.30 the air started to be really hot again (again more than 40 degrees). Kimba welcomed me with a sign saying "Halfway across Australia" - yeah! A lot of car and truck drivers wave at me all the time. These small signs are really helping - especially if you are a having a hard time at the moment. I joined a few grey nomads at the swimming pool of the town; helped cooling down my body a bit. Since a few years local artists started to paint these giant silos (mostly for wheat storage). There is a magnificent one in Kimba - it's even lighted in the evening. Today's route: Iron Knob - Kimba. Km cycled: 92

Day 30

The heatwave hit me today, it went up over 40 degrees again and after 118 kilometres at 2.30 pm I gave up. Even the air of the wind felt like pure fire. In the morning I made it easily up a few hills till the A1 National highway which I will follow now for a few hundred kilometres. Easy downhill into Port Augusta; it was 11 am when I left PA and my last chance of buying new bike pants which I missed. There was the first sign on the road of Western Australia. Even if it's still around 900 km to that border - it's always a good sign to see the first sign. The last 20 kilometres to Iron Knob were a pure fight with the heat. At the campground I met Greg, one of the so-called Grey Nomads, retired Australians who are travelling around the country. He cooked dinner for me, steak and vegetables, and he offered me his rooftop mattress of his car - it was quite windy - not perfect conditions for my tent. Today's route: Wilmington - Port Augusta -Iron Knob. Km cycled: 118

Day 29

Since 2 days I've found a companion: a heatwave which is expected to last till Sunday. Starting early would therefore be a good idea - till now I haven't managed to put an alarm clock! The last km to Wilmington in the afternoon were hot hot and extra hot. The manager of the campsite I was staying asked me if I wanted to feed the possums with him in the evening. He had about 40 possums around but a fox came into the area and there are only about 15 left. Today's route: Yacka - Laura - Melrose - Wilmington. Km cycled: 124

Day 28

I fell in love - with Alfi, the puppy of Mary and Pat!😍 What an amazing day it's been! They were doing some sherp shearing at their farm - that's hard work - my cycling it's nothing compared to that! I stayed till 1pm with them playing with Alfi, watching the sheep shearing, chatting until Mary accompanied me for the first 10 km to the start of a lovely bike path. I followed the Rattler trail and then the Riesling trail till Clare through beautiful vineyards and farmland. In Clare I realized I could still do some cycling, so I went on till Yacka. The caretaker of the campground in Yacka is an elderly man who could perfectly pronounce the number 333.333 (dreihundertdreiunddreissigtausenddreihundertdreiunddreissig) in German. Once he worked with an Austrian who wanted to learn to say it in English, so he did the same in German. Thank you so much Mary and Pat, you treated me like your daughter! I left with lots of good memories and a shirt of their daughter - a neon yellow one so the truck and car drivers can easily see me on the road. Today's route: Mary and Pats farm - Clare - Yacka campgrounds. Km cycled: 95

Day 27

After long discussions with Rosalie and Ian which road out of Adelaide is the best, I decided to take the hilly one, longer and more hills but less traffic! Good decision - beautiful scenery! Cycled through the Adelaide hills around noon (too lazy to get up early) and it was only the second real warm summer day - have to get used to the heat. Afterwards through the Barossa valley which is a famous wine region of South Australia to the farm of Mary and her husband Pat who are growing wheat. I met Mary on the road a few days ago in Kingston and they offered me to stay at their farm north of Adelaide, and here I am now in bed after dinner and a gin tonic! So much hospitality in this country! Today's route: Adelaide - Williamstown - Tanunda - Kapunda - Farm of Mary Km cycled: 124

Day 26

After a crazy windy night I made it into Adelaide through some hills, some beach and a nice rail trail to my warmshower host Rosalie and her husband Ian! Just a few km before Adelaide somebody on a motorbike was waving at me and stopped - when she put off the helmet I couldn't believe it - it was Dana, the girl I met in Tasmania 3 weeks ago! My mission to buy new bike pants was not successful! I'll try again in the next city! Today's route: Normansville - Moana beach - Adelaide - Sixth street/Hooking st. (House of Rosalie) Km cycled: 102

Day 25

Liz and Scott are living next to a lake called the pelican lagoon. On their huge land called "The Wallaby Run" they built and are still building houses, gardens,... They are passionate cycle tourers, one of the first telling me that crossing the Nullarbor is a good thing (and they did it themselves). Liz told me as well about the man-made natural disaster which is happening in the Coorong (the NP I went through a few days ago). It was an important area for migrating birds, but the water was used for irrigation of land and a lot of wetland was drained - the concentration of salt now is a lot higher than before and the number of birds is declining. After a bumpy ferry ride, which made me seasick, it was time for my first desperate moment of crying. I still felt like vomiting from the ferry and on the worst uphill constant headwinds. Just went to Normanshill - enough for such a windy day. At the campsite the wind blew my tent away all the time - an Aussie family offered me a more sheltered place on their site and even parked their car to stop the wind from attacking my small unstable tent. 🀣 Today's route: Liz and Scotts house - Penneshaw - Ferry - Cape Jervis - Normansville. Km cycled: 56

Day 24

Sometimes you meet the right people just at the moment you need them the most! I wasn't ready to cycle around Kangaroo I Island. Over breakfast a German couple, Petra and Friedrich and their car, adopted for a day trip around the island! How comfortable to just sit in a car and get out of the car at the car parks of the attractions! It was a beautiful day, visiting the seals at seal bay, the remarkable rocks and the admirals arch - more fur seals and sea lions there - such amazing animals! Could just watch them all day long! When we came back, I realized I had a flat tire - easy to fix while having a goodbye and thank you beer with Petra and Friedrich. Every day a few kilometres - I still had to do around 20 km to Liz and Scotts home, my first warmshower hosts in Australia. On the shortcut to their house through a forest around 10 kangaroos were jumping across the road and then I was welcomed with a warm meal! What a great day! Today's route: Penneshaw - Pelican Lagoon - Liz and Scotts home. Km cycled: 22 Petra is a passionate fotographer: you should check out her pictures of the seals and other animals: https://petra-kaiser.de/forum/thread/6781-live-aus-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-australien-und-singapur/?pageNo=10

Day 23

The beauty of travelling: You never know how or where your day ends! Started the day in the vineyards of South Australia which are not affected by phylloxera, a tiny insect which destroys the roots of the grapevines. Learned that South Australia and Chile are the only countries free of it - they seem to be very proud of that! After breakfast I decided to do a detour to kangaroo island. Unconsciously or consciously I only checked the kilometers to the ferry port not the elevation - what an afternoon ride up and down, I couldn't even enjoy the landscape. But somehow I made it to the ferry port for the last ferry (some of the electrolyte/sugar stuff of the fire fighters was greatly appreciated). The bad thing: I have to go back a part of the same road - the part I just went downhill. Kangaroo Island, you better be worth all the pain! I feel like a baby whose diapers were not changed often enough! I'm definitely wearing these cycle pants too often! Today's route: Langhorne Creek - Strathalbyn - Victor Harbor - Cape Jervis - Kangaroo Island. Km cycled: 132

Day 22

All morning I went along the Coorong National Park - so beautiful. I even did a detour to Parnka Point on a 4 km sand/gravel/dirt road and my bike didn't fall apart! After my afternoon snack (3 bananas, half of a watermelon, large cappuccino, piece of peanut butter cake, a bar of chocolate) the wind became my best friend, steady tailwind for about 40 km. Made it farer than expected, had 400 g of cashew nuts after dinner, I'm slowly developing an eating disorder (cannot stop eating). Today's route: Sandpiper Campsite Coorong National Park - Parnka Point - Meningie - Wellington - Langhorne Creek. Km cycled: 152

Day 21

The headwind is back! At least in the morning it was, after pizza and coffee the wind had changed and for the first time the wind and me became friends! Cycled along vineyards and farmland on the so-called Southern Ocean Drive to the Coorong National Park, a huge area of wetland and swamps with a big variety of birds and wildlife. During summer, actually now, a lot of these wetlands are dried out, big white or pink or grey areas without water stay behind. Nobody at the campsite - soooo alone in the wilderness! Today's route: Beachport - Robe - Kingston - Salt Creek - Coorong National Park Sandpiper Campsite. Km cycled: 188

Day 20

After crossing the border between the states of Victoria and South Australia in the morning, I cycled along tree plantations and farmland a bit up and downhill. Wondered why all the shops were closed in the town of Mount Gambier... oh, it's Sunday! The lady in the visitor information center in Beachport convinced me to stay there overnight - nice little town on the coast - cycled a bit along the coast where a German couple invited me to have a radler with them at the beach. And I bought a kitchen/toilet brush and oil to pimp my chain a bit - it made some weird noises already. Not anymore! Today's route: Nelson - Mt Gambier - Millicent - Beachport. Km cycled: 139

Day 19

I had to take the Princes Hwy until Portland, which I knew wasn't specially interesting or scenic... this was the time for challenging myself a bit, I wanted to make the 70 km by noon keeping my constant speed above 20 km/h. I made it into Portland just by 11:45, perfect time for lunch! The afternoon ride was quite easy as well - new daily record! Quite often on the road I noticed a very intense bad smell, mostly just for a few seconds. Today I realized it's the smell of animals that decay next to the road. The car and truck drivers who are responsible for that might never smell it that intensely. Today's route: Port Fairy - Portland - Nelson. Km cycled: 150

Day 18

My last day on the so-called Great Ocean Road! Almost all flat - easy riding! Touristy stuff in the morning - more rocks and cliffs and stones in the sea to stop for! The London bridge, one of these rocks, was once a bridge. In 1990 the bridge collapsed into the sea due to constant erosion, now just a rock is left. In Warrnambool I met Keath at the supermarket who showed my the rail trail from there till Port Fairy - no highway for me! He told me as well about his missiom to clean the beach from microplastics - every morning he walks along the beach next to his house and collects all the pieces he sees! Task of the day: Find your mission to make the world a little bit better! Today's route: Port Campell - Allansford - Warrnambool - Port Fairy. Km cycled: 107

Day 17

The part from Apollo Bay to Princetown of the Great Ocean road should better be called Great Forest Road. I passed along beautiful pristine forests up to Lavers hill - quite a long uphill - but a coffee and a muffin as well as good words from other people help to get motivated again. Where is a uphill there is most probable a downhill as well, which was the case today! Yeah, more than 10 km straight downhill! At the end I passed the twelve apostles and the Loch ard gorge, quite popular tourist attractions, impressive how many people want to see some rocks in the sea! 🀣 I've one unanswered question: Is it really summer here now? Why do I have to wear long sleeves shirts and pants then? Today's route: Bimbi Park Camp - Lavers hill - Princetown - Twelve apostles - Port Campbell. Km cycled: 90

Day 16

What an amazing day cycling along the Great Ocean Road! The ocean and the waves and as well the smell of the sea around you all day long makes you forgetting everything around (the cars, the everlasting headwind, the uphills)! Such a picturesque landscape. The road was built in the 1920s as a memorial for those who died in the first world war by returned soldiers. And if this day hasn't offered enough rewards for all the cycling: a koala in the trees at the campsite! 😍 Today's route: Torquay - Lorne - Apollo Bay - Great Otway National Park - Bimbi Park Camp. Km cycled: 126

Day 15

I'll send a letter the Australian Meteorology Office to ask if they need good wind forecasts. The wind direction will be always opposite of my itinerary - no need for any sophisticated models - proven fact the last 2 weeks! 🀣 From the sun through the rain to the wind - from being totally happy and excited to almost crying and throwing by bike against the next tree. I love these days somehow cause in the end you cannot really remember the bad feelings - our human brain is a genius! This was my first day cyclimg in mainland Australia! More km than expected - seems like half of Australian streets are under construction... from the detour to the detour. Reached Torquay - will go along the great ocean road the next days! Today's route: Ferry terminal Melbourne - Federation trail - Geelong - Torquay. Km cycled: 133

Day 14

Expected an easy ride to Devonport - I might have deserved that for my last day in Tasmania! Like always it went different than expected! So much wind and rain and traffic on that road - but like always as well: I did it! My body really needed that breakfast I got from my motorbike friends in the morning (eggs, bacon, potato salad,...). Thank you so much! I didn't do any pictures today, but I want to dedicate this day to all the dead animals I saw so closely next to or on the road killed by cars. This one really touched my heart she I saw it a few days ago. The female was pregnant and there was the tiny one just next to her on the road. Today's route: Deloraine - Devonport - Ferry terminal Km cycled: 61

Day 13

What an easy day! Andrew, the guy who saved me from camping and freezing also provided me with a perfect cycling breakfast, hash browns, bacon and eggs and coffee! And perfect entertainment: they have a "pet" possum around their house which we fed with cookies and biscuits and some kangaroos which got the rest of our breakfast! I even was petting the possum, they have such soft fur. It was an easy and beautiful ride along the great lake, lots of burned land there as well and then mostly downhill into Deloraine. Still I got all possible weather conditions: sun, clouds, fog, rain, wind from all directions.. it never gets boring! About 55.000 ha of land have burned down these last weeks in Tasmania! At the campsite I was invited to a BBQ by Darren, Simon and Peter, 3 motorbike guys from Brisbane! So much hospitality in this country! Amazing! Today's route: Miena - Great lake - Deloraine Km cycled: 75

Day 12

Got a tea from the Danish lady for breakfast and a lot of advices for life, even what kind of boyfriend I should look for 😁! Started off in unstable weather, luckily there were some trees to hide when rain showers hit me once every hour (see pic)! Last 25 km I was cycling on a gravel road through an area which was affected by the bushfires, you could still smell the fire! The landscape with all the burned trees and plants looked really special, somehow sad but in a strange way beautiful! Skipped the campsite I planned to stay because of all the burned land around - didn't look that appealing, so I got into the next town where the hotel was full and the restaurant of the hotel was full of fire fighters! Seems that I looked really really exhausted, one of them asked me 3 times if I'm ok and gave me all his sport supplement powders he had. Just when I was about to leave and look for a place to camp on the shore of the lake, 2 guys invited me to stay at their house, just like that! Might be the girl on a push bike bonus! So I'm in a proper bed right now!😁 Today's route: Wayatinah campsite - Tarraleah - Bradys lake - Little pine lagoon - Miena. Km cycled: 82

Day 11

Is this a bike ride or a bike fight? I came up with the idea of a bike fight while cycling against lovely headwinds for about 50 km! When I woke up in Hobart I realised I start to prefer my small tent over a hostel place, so I left early πŸ˜‚! My legs and my motivation thanked me for my cycling break yesterday - so excited again that I even broke my daily record! Cycled north into the central Tasman highlands - beautiful region, fairly unpopulated, just a few farms and small towns! Found my perfect sandwich combination: peanut butter, cheese and avocado, cannot be beaten by the amount of calories and taste! Realized as well that my favourite people to talk to here are retired people... so much fun and stories! Met a Danish couple who is travelling with their 1977-built jeep with a rooftent. Australia was their and the jeeps last continent they haven't been! Got some tea from them - I still don't have a stove but I bought a mug! Today's route: Hobart - Hamilton - Ouse - Wayatinah campsite. Km cycled: 118

Day 10

Took a day off from cycling, but totally. Did what other cyclists would call a sin or cheating - got on a bus! Heavy rain and storm woke me up several times, my unstable tent was about to fall apart... perfect night and a perfect cheat day! Got into Hobart, the biggest town of Tasmania around noon - so much free time! Soon after the rain stopped - should have been more patient but patience has never been one of my strengths. There is a wooden boat festival happening from tomorrow on in Hobart, obviously there are festival for everything, but I was impressed - so much love and passion for boats! πŸš£β€β™€οΈ Came up with a challenge for this trip to learn something new every day! Today it's about Wooden boats! Today's route: Triabunna - Hobart. Km cycled: 0

Day 9

Took a day off from all-the-day cycling and got on a ferry to Maria island (I took my bike with me, never without my bike πŸ˜‚). Maria island is a Island national park on the east coast of Tasmania with a lot of wildlife! Recently the Tasmanian devil has been introduced to the island to save him from extinction as most of the the Tasmanian devils in the mainland suffer from an infection. Cycled around a beautiful landscape with wombats, forester kangaroos and birds just next to me! Tasmanian devils are night active and I didn't stay on the island overnight - I missed that chance πŸ™ . Back to the campsite I found my tent upside down. The tent of the girl next to me got destroyed by the wind (lot of holes), she hopes for no rain and told me: your tent is ok, as long as you are in! Totally right! We are awaiting rain and thunderstorms during the night! Lets see who's better off tomorrow!πŸ‘ Today's route: Maria island. Km cycled: 20

Day 8

Always enjoy the downhill, the uphill will come whatsoever! Glad I hiked up Mount Amos yesterday evening, today the weather wouldn't have let me, temperatures even dropped by 10 degrees! Started early in cloudy and rainy weather without breakfast, no power in Coles bay :(. Did 60 km to Swansea and ready to stop it for the day, felt cold and wet! A good lunch and a tea always helps as well as checking the weather forecast - more rain the next days! The island needs the rain more than me - big parts of western tasmania are on fire! Got myself together and made it to Tribunna, afternoon weather had some mercy with tired cyclists - no rain and perfect cloudy cycling weather! Today's route: Freycinet National Park - Swansea - Tribunna. Km cycled: 116

Day 7

I'm cycling in the rain, I'm cycling in the rain,... ! After a hot tea from my camping neighbour (I didn't bring a stove which sounds slightly weird to a lot of people) I struggled with rain, but I realized I prefer the rain over the wind! So I started to convince myself to love the rain! πŸ˜‚ The rain eventually stopped, my clothes dried and I made it to Freycinet National Park where I realized that I left one of the poles of my tent on the campsite in the morning (I suppose)! It was the pole which makes my tent self-standing and it was orange, how couldn't I see it on the ground, hahahaha! So I just left the tent lying in the sand and went for a three hour hike up Mt. Amos. Beautiful views over wineglass bay - perfect name for a bay and I even got close to my first wallaby...sooo cute😍! I'll figure out the tent issue later! Today's route: Lagoon campground - Bicheno - Coles bay - Freycinet National park. Km cycled: 82

Day 6

After been woken up by animals who wanted to steel my breakfast (just had the croissants with cheese at 2 am - no tempting smell there anymore) I started the day cycling with fog and clouds towards Binalong Bay in the Bay of Fires. The sun appeared just with my morning coffee. Amazing landscape along the coast! The heat made me look for shade and a break around noon... this was the first idea how it will be through the Nullabor! After surviving the heat the (head)wind almost destroyed my motivation! To all of you who told me:" You are going north to south, you are so lucky, the wind is always blowing in your direction." You are all liars! Could barely make it to 10 km/h and was struggling to keep my bike on the road! Today's route: Moulding campsite - Binalong Bay - Scamander - Lagoon Campground. Km cycled: 74

Day 5

Lessons learned: "There is always another hill behind the corner" or "Wenn du denkst es geht nicht mehr kommt von irgendwo ein Berg daher!" Got to learn that it's good to clean the chain of my bike from time to time from a fellow cyclist from the Netherlands (he even showed me how). Got to learn that not all roads which appear in maps are paved but gravel of different condition. I set off to a rail trail through a beautiful forest for 20km and then tried to avoid the Tasman highway (so happy to see the sign later on) by taking another road with even less elevation, so I ended up doing 50km of gravel πŸ˜‚. On the positive side, there were hardly any cars and a lot is wildlife just next to me (still have to find out what are the names of all these animals)! Even if it was hard I made it to the eastern coast of Tasmania where Kate and Cole, an Aussie couple from Perth invited me for wine at the campsite! These 2 have traveled around Europe for 20 month and did housesitting in Bad Ischl and learned how to ski in Flachau - small world! Today's route: Scottsdale - Derby - Pioneer - St.Helens - Moulting Bay Campsite. Km cycled: 115

Day 4

The first km I cycled I was freezing, should really improve my research and packing skills :). After breakfast at a beautiful lookout point over East Tamar valley I made it till Scottsdale where I met 2 fellow cyclists at the campground. Dana, an Australian girl who is just doing her first cycle trip reminded me so much if myself 2 years ago in NZ, where I had no idea and didn't even know how to fix a flat tire πŸ˜‚! Got my first sunburn, forgot to put sunscreen on my feet when cycling with sandals! Today's route: Paper Beach - Launceston - Scottsdale. Km cycled: 99

Day 3

Look what I've found...kangaroooooos...so cute 😍! Taking it easy didn't really work, I got too enthusiastic! Started straight from the ferry terminal at 6.45 am and cycled till paper beach camp where a retired Aussie couple invited me for dinner and wine in their campervan! Even a gravel road with a 300m steep climb was included! Perfect first day! Today's route: Devonport ferry terminal - Port Sorell - Narawntapu National Park - Beauty Point- Paper Beach. Km cycled: 115

Day 2

Melbourne welcomes me with sun and 25 degrees at 7 am. Just amazing. My bike made it to Australia as well almost fine, but luckily bike and car repair shops everywhere. Cycling around Melbourne 30km and of to Tasmania in the evening! Planing for an easy start tomorrow for my first cycling day!

Day 1

Made it to the airport with my bike, I am in an airplane now, hope my bike is with me!

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