Diary Bergen to Hamburg

From Bergen to Hamburg - 4 countries, 2000 kms, one broken chain!

Day 21

Easy riding on my last day of this trip and all good things come to an end eventually. It's been an amazing 3 weeks through Norway, Sweden, Denmark and a bit of Germany with about 2069 km. I'll take a rest now, chill in Hamburg for a bit and take the train back home to Vienna! Today's route: Lübeck - Hamburg. Km cycled: 66.

Day 20

On German soil cycling south along the Ostsee for some time - not much to see or except having coffee and cake and pushing against the wind. After a break in Scharbeutz on the Ostsee I reached easily Lübeck where I spend a perfect last evening with Gabi and Heiko and their other warmshowers guest Eddi, who is on his way to Berlin with his bike at the age of 68. Respect! Today's route: Puttgarden - Burg - Haffkrug - Timmendorfer Strand - Lübeck. Km cycled: 111.

Day 19

A windy, windy day in flat Denmark. I really envied all the cyclists going in the other direction while I was fighting with strong headwind all day long. At sunset I made it to Rodbyhavn to take the ferry to our neighbours 🇩🇪! The 2 days in Denmark were short but intense, 2 days in Germany left! On the ferry I bought a chocolate bar and ate the whole of it in 15 min - have to stop this excessive eating without stopping or limit! Todays route: Mosede fort - Koge - Vordingburg - Rodbyhaven - ferry to Germany - Puttgarden. Km cycled: 154.

Day 18

The third country on this trip: Denmark! Took the ferry in the morning over to Helsingör - my first time in Denmark. Maybe somebody should have told me before about the wind situation here - it is always southerly winds - headwind for me all the day. Passed through Copenhagen for a bit of sightseeing - soooo many people biking here, was a bit too much for me so I decided to bike slowly to my warmshowers hosts Henrik and Tone, a bit south of the capital. Henrik was the first guy I met who knew about the Navad trail in Switzerland where we have biked a bit in July. Todays route: Helsingborg - ferry to Helsingor (Denmark) - Copenhagen - Mosede fortress. Km cycled: 89.

Day 17

Along the Swedish beaches there are a lot of public toilets which means no more peeing in the bush or at least less ;). The Kattegatleden cycle path from Göteborg to Helsingborg is definitly worth a ride - with rain in the weatherforcast from 3pm I took the risk to do a detour and yes I got soaked in the rain but somehow I still enjoyed it and dinner and a warm shower was waiting for me at Nikos place - always a reason to continue. He and his girlfriend from Finland hosted me and 3 other Germans in his flat - the German girl was attending the cargobike competition in Copenhagen - now I know so much more about Finland and cargobikes! Today's route: Halmstad - Bastad - Angelholm - Höganas - Helsingborg. Km cycled: 140.

Day 16

Soooo motivated that I even started in the rain for 3 kms. That was when I decided to stop and go back into Goteborg city center, had a coffee and bought a new rain jacket. Gave it another try at noon and even made it to Kungsbacka where I gave up - heavy rain and storms. Tried to hide from the rain in front of a restaurant where the waiter asked me in and invited me for a coffee - my look was really desperate. Another cheat day or train day - I jumped on the train to Halmstad where I'll stay with Joel. Booked a train ticket home next Thursday from Hamburg - now I know the finish line for this trip. Today's route: Goteborg - Kungsbacka. Km cycled: 44.

Day 15

Had no idea about these amazing small islands along the Swedish coast on the west of Udevalla. Totally worth cycling through - ferrys and bridges take you from one to the other. At Stenungsund I decided to do a bit of cheating and took the train to Göteborg - was just not in the mood for rain and headwinds after the beautiful morning ride. Lars, my warmshowers host, is a retired physician and just started to do bike trips at the age of 58. When I'm his age I wanna be that fit as well. He took me for a sightseeing ride around Göteborg. I really enjoyed that city - liked it better than Oslo. Today's route: Brastad - Lysekil - ferry to Skaftö - Flatön - Malö - Nösund - Varekil - Stenungsund. Km cycled: 91.

Day 14

Today was a perfect example how thin is the line between happiness and misery on a cycling trip. Started in sunny weather over the border to Sweden, where the route went through quite boring no-mans-land - just a few farms and headwind. When I arrived in the first kind of town it even started to rain and I was frustrated and kind of wanting to take a train. Sugar always helps - after 3 pieces of cake and a coffee I continued and just after a few kms the sun was shining again and I found the most picturesque town of Fjällbacka. What a stunning coastline here in Sweden. Today's route: Halden - Sweden - Tanumshede - Fjällbacka - Bovallstrand - Brastad. Km cycled: 141. Elevation gain: 1400m.

Day 13

My last day in Norway cycling South from Oslo to the Swedish border. Lots of flat farmland and coast and headwinds - almost forgot how headwind feels. Doesn't matter in with country you are - it's a global shitty phenomenon.😭 Today's route: Oslo - Moss - Fredrikstat - Halden. Km cycled: 155. Elevation gain 1300.

Day 12

Lazy cycling day! Paul, my host joined me on my way to Oslo - he went to work, I went sightseeing. Oslo seems quite a modern city - but like all over Norway construction works everywhere. On the opera house built in 2008 you can walk over the roof - quite fancy. Cycled a few more kilometres to my hosts house Louis who lives with his partner a few kms south of Oslo. Another great warmshowers experience. Today's route: Reistat - Oslo. Km cycled: 54.

Day 11

Feeling strong and full of energy in the morning is always a good sign - maybe because of the portuguese wine or all the food Mette cooked for me yesterday. After one last slide of bread with brown cheese (some kind of Norwegian sweet cheese) and saying goodbye to my first warmshowers hosts in Norway I cycled all day long noticing the landscape has already changed a lot - more agriculture, mainly apples and wheat, as the weather is a lot me stable than on the other side of the coast. Finally I arrived totally sweaty at Paul and Vibekes house - one last climb for the day as their place is on a small mountain. Was again spoiled with dinner and drinks. Today's route: Stathelle - Brevik - Larvik -Sandefjord - Thonsburg - Asgardstrand - Horten - Drammen - Reistad. Km cycled: 166. Elevation gain: 1800m.

Day 10

Started in rainy and grey weather going uphill and downhill all the time, some parts even off-road - the 80 km to Langesund took me way longer than expected. When I read the message from Mette and Helge from warmshowers that I can stay with then in Stathelle (just 6 km from Langesund) I was more than happy to stop it for the day. Suddenly the clouds disappeared and I had the most scenic views in this small town. Spend a really nice evening with my hosts with too much Portuguese red wine - they just came back from Portugal and imported wine from their neighbours vineyards. Do you find me in the picture? Today's route: Moen Camping - Helle - Valle - Langesund - Stathelle. Km cycled: 90. Elevation gain: 1350m.

Day 9

The Norwegian traditional wooden houses painted red, yellow or white are so cute - you can find them all over the country. The colour reflected the financial situation of the owner - red was the cheapest to produce, yellow a bit more expensive and white was the luxurious one. Therefore on the countyside lots if houses are red - the colour was made by mixing ochre with cod liver oil. For creating the white colour the mineral zinc was needed which was quite expensive. Was an easy cycling day - rain made me stop a lot of times in the afternoon - luckily I always found shelters to hide from the rain like schools, bus stops, small sheds.... on the picture you can see the postboxes of the village - also everywhere around the country. Today's route: Grimstad - Arendal - Tvedestrand - Moen Camping. Km cycled: 87. Elevation gain: 1000m.

Day 8

I feel like I became crazy today - I have no idea how I cycled so much. Not even the distance but I spent all day from 8.30 till 9.30 pm (including 2 snack breaks and 2 coffee and cake breaks) on my bike. Somehow i couldn't stop. I suppose I'm somehow addicted to cycling. And cycling for me is a way I can think about almost everything. I feel so glad that I found this hobby because I know whatever decision or task I have to take in my life and I don't know how to proceed I just need to bike for a few days and my thoughts are free from wandering around. And the Norwegian coastline is incredible beautiful with all the small villages and towns. Today's route: Fosseland - Kvinesdal - Lyngdal - Mandal - Kristiansand - Hovag - Lillesand - Grimstad. Km cycled: 186. Elevation gain: 2750m.

Day 7

It was time to say goodbye to Laura and Bonso (her dog) and start cycling South along the coast. The ride from Egersund to Flekkefjord was hilly but just incredible - what a stunning landscape - fjords, lakes, hills, the sea,... like in all the pictures you can see online - so I decided not to take any pictures but just enjoy. It wouldn't be Norway if there wasn't any rain - even if the weatherforcast shows only sunshine - still have to get used to that or maybe buy a good rainjacket 😉 Longest day on this trip till now - bit tired but happy 😉 . Today's route: Stavanger - Egersund - Flekkefjord - Fosseland. Km cycled: 170. Elevation gain: 2300m.

Day 6

Laura is not only a professional tour guide but was also my personal tour guide in Stavanger. We spent a beautiful day cycling across some islands and exploring really cool street art in the streets of Stavanger. And an evening with wine and girls talk 😉 Thank you so much for hosting me! I'm waiting for you in Vienna! Today's route: Stavanger - Hundvag. Km cycled: 17.

Day 5

Packing up my tent in the morning with a beautiful view of the lake to take the first ferry to Hjelmeland from where it was a 3 hour bike ride to Tau. Got my first impression on cycling in Norwegian rain but the views along the fjords were still so beautiful. Soaked in wet clothes I got the ferry at midday to Stavanger where my friend Laura from the US picked me up from the ferry terminal with Bonso, the dog she is dogsitting. I met Laura in Colombia in 2016. Shortly after we met in South America she met Odd, a Norwegian guy, and the rest is history. They are moving to Brazil in October - I might come to visit. Today's route: Campspot - Skipavit - Ferry to Hjelmeland - Tau - Ferry to Stavanger. Km cycled: 54.

Day 4

These two guys from the Pedalen Sykkelverksted in Haugesund saved my trip. Feels like everything is new on my bike, new chain, new cassette, new some other part I don't even know the name in German, maybe it was time for these parts to be changed after more than 10000 kms. At 2pm I could finally continue to catch the evening ferry to Eidssund. On this beautiful island I joined a German family at their campfire and campspot and shared beers and cookies with them. Today's route: Haugesund - Nedstrand - Ferry to Eidesund - Campspot next to Lake on Ombo. Km cycled: 61.

Day 3

Highly motivated after a coffee and cake break in Haugesund I wanted to make it to Stavanger to my friend Laura's place today. But just a few kms outside of Haugesund on an uphill it was time to stop! My chain broke - and even after 10000 kms cycling this year I have no idea how to fix a chain which seems incredible stupid. Could maybe have even done it with the YouTube tutorial but I don't have the tools for it. Pushing the bike back into town I'll try to find a bike shop tomorrow. Today's route: Campspot - Langevag - Ferry to Buavag - Haugesund. Km cycled: 54.

Day 2

After a sightseeing ride around Bergen it was time to start the next 1000 kms on my bike this year. From island to island on ferries and bridges, it's quite hilly here - uphill and downhill all the time. Feels more tiring than all the climbing in Switzerland!🤣 But all worth the effort - such an amazing landscape! Today's route: Bergen sightseeing trip - Ferry Halhjem to Vage - Tysnesoja - Ferry to Stord - Leirvik - over the bridge to Bomlo - campspot somewhere next to Sakseid. Km cycled: 121.

Day 1

We made it to Bergen together, my bike and I. Norway welcomed me with an amazing sunny evening and a even more beautiful sunset. This will be a good trip, I already love this country!🚵‍♀️ Today's route: Airport - Bergen Sentrum. Km cycled: 18.

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