We will follow at least parts of this crazy 1000kms track from Lake Constance to Lake Geneva with an elevation gain of about 31000m. The race already took place this year – maybe next year 😉

7 Days, 550 km, 15400m climbing - from Feldkirch to Bern

Day 7

We couldn't resist to do one more uphill to Latrejefeld (1993m) on a gravel road on our last day on the Navad - bit of pushing the bike for me - followed by a long, long fantastic steep downhill on grassland, passing by forests, hugh waterfalls and back to Thunersee which we already passed yesterday. So close but still so far. 30 km flat to Bern to take the train home in the morning. Today's route: Pochtenfall - Latrejefeld - Kiental - Spiez - Thunersee - Thun - Bern. Km cycled: 82. Elevation: 1330m.

Day 6

Biking up to Kleine Scheidegg (2061m) where all the tourists go by train - we did it with our muscles. The long discussions which mountain is the famous Eiger was finally solved - the Eigernordwand, Mönch, Jungfrau and Silberhorn with stunning views to the glaciers just in front of us. Flo changed my brakes up there (thanks for that) - better to go down with working rear brakes. Accidentially or because we had to take a break due to rain we found the perfect place to stay: Restaurant Pochtenfall in the Suldvalley: Amazing Rösti and Apricotcake for dinner. Today's route: Grindelwald - Kleine Scheidegg Pass - Wengen - Interlaken - Thunerlake - Pochtenfall. Km cycled: 62. Elevation: 1955m.

Day 5

There are no words to describe the beauty of this landscape. At 4pm already a bit tired we passed our favorite raodsign: steigt 1650m auf 30 km! And we made it up to Grosse Scheidegg (1980m) before sunset! The stunning scenery while climbing was a perfect distraction from the sweating! New record in altitude! Today's route: FlĂŒhli - Sörenberg - Lungerersee - Meiringen - Grosse Scheidegg - Grindelwald. Km cycled: 80. Elevation: 2941 m.

Day 4

Every day something new. First time of carrying our bikes on our back. First time of almost crashing (into one of these barriers for the cattle of the farmers). But we are happy and safe in FlĂŒhli. Today's route: Zug - Sempach - Entlebuch - Finsterwald - Schimbrig Bad - FlĂŒhli. Km: 101. Elevation: 2250 m.

Day 3

More mountains and lakes every day - but not always different ones - after about 50 kms and another long uphill we saw the same mountains as yesterday again - that's what the Navad is about - doing a lot of loops just to do more climbing. 😉 Seriously, it's been another amazing day on roads, gravel, stones, in the forest, uphill and downhill,...! The moment when I was already really tired from pushing uphill all this sweet wild strawberries saved us! Highest point till now - Wildspitz (about 1600m). One more notice to Sister Doris from the monastry: one of the first things she said about us not being proper pilgrims was "Es gibt nicht eine Regel von der man nicht einmal eine Ausnahme machen könnte". (There is no rule you cannot make an exception). I like that. Today's route: Brunnen - GĂ€tterli Pass - Lauert - Wildspitz - OberĂ€geri - Zug. Kms cycled: 71. Elevation: 2460 m.

Day 2

The best of biking uphill is the downhill which is most likely coming later - and the views. Amazing beautiful views of the Swiss mountains in rain, clouds, fog and sunshine. Only for that it's totally worth the effort. The most climbing I've ever done in my biking life on one day: 2700 m uphill and more to come - this track is totally insane! Found a bed at the pilgrims monastry which is only for Jakobsweg pilgrims - but nun Doris had mercy with dirty and tired cyclists. Today's route: Walensee - Siebnen - Einsiedeln - Schwyz - Brunnen/VierwaldstÀttersee. Km cycled: 80. Elevation: 2700m.

Day 1 on the Navad

Pushing the bike uphill will become a necessity, some parts are just not doable by bike for me. The first part has already offered so much: beautiful views over the mountains biking through forests, mountain meadows with cows and llamas, alps and lakes. Route: Stein - Wessen next to Walensee. Km cycled: 29. Elevation: 1150 m.

Day 1 - on the way to the Navad trail

Back on my bike - new MTB tires and a new backloader and I'm ready to be a mountain bike girl! On my first cycling day I started from Feldkirch, to Liechtenstein and finally Switzerland where I met Flo in Stein, a village which is already on the Navad trail - we skipped the part from Bodensee to there, but there is definitely enough left ;). 3 countries in a few hours. Route: Feldkirch - Liechtenstein - Switzerland - Stein. Km cycled: 39. Elevation: 760 m.

The Navad trail

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  1. ihr seid super! viel Spass!!

  2. wow. was fĂŒr eine tolle Leistung. ihr seid aber schon kaputt zwischendurch? landschaftlich einmalig.
    Hut ab!
    LG Ute

  3. Gratuliere zu eurer Leistung!
    Florian fĂ€hrt tĂ€glich 17km mit ca. 20m Höhenunterschied und beklagt sich schon ĂŒber Gegenwind 😉
    LG, Kathi

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